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Welcome to PUBG-PC.ORG.
Glad to have you here on our site. We know you are an avid gamer who has a burning passion for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround. And we also know what brought you here.

About PUBG-PC team

We are a group of PUBG players raising in a majority of gamers out there wishing to deliver our fascination about this stunning game to the world.

We are not just players. We bring our commitment to the game and try to conquer PUBG in our highest dedication.

Our people in the team play not only to entertain but also to learn and yield the best tactics to share with other players.

PUBG-PC website

In order to spread the splendor of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround, we have cast our ideas into action; which is what you are seeing here. The PUBG-PC.ORG website.

On this site, you will find all the things relevant to PUBG, including rookie guides, map introduction, guns list, tactics in the game as well as tips for you to survive to the glory.

Not only that, it’s a forum for players around the world to unite and discuss their gameplays, experience, and on and on.

All in all, you’ll get everything you need before and after you play PUBG.

About PUBG the game

With the growth in popularity, it’s no doubt that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is currently one of the most famous shooting games with survival elements.

Attendants in the game will thrive for their lives through the battle royale gameplay, featuring the aspect of exploration, survival, and gathering items.

In PUBG, you compete against real-life players to be the last survivor standing. With four major maps, PUBG is famous for its significantly large playing area, heightening the in-game tension.

With many games in the market competing against each other, PUBG has earned reigning superiority amongst all others. It’s a highly-addictive and thrilling match for anyone who has a sharp eye or enjoys hours of hunting down others.

What makes PUBG wonderful?

PUBG features 51 different weapons, from range to melee to throwable explosives. The inventory doesn’t seem to stop growing. As guns get scattered across the maps, there’s no reason why you can’t find one to defend yourself.

Additionally, as you advance further into the game, you can find better weapons like rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, snipers, and even pistols.

A way to increase your chances of survival is to customize and improve your weapons, such as attaching a scope, handles, or magazines. Not only does it add a realistic aspect to the game, but it also gives players flexibility in their gameplay experience.

With such large maps, how do you find all the enemies in time?

The answer to your question is the dead circle. Featured in every match, a big red circle will mark the playable areas, meaning if you’re outside, you’ll slowly lose blood and health. The dead ring raises the steak of this shoot out game, encouraging an intense battle between the top remaining survivors.

Other items you’ll discover are vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, jeeps, jets, and boats. As a handy item to have, it allows you to travel around the map with ease and reach the dead circle in time. If you’re a highly-experienced player, you can even run over your enemies.

Are you ready to be the last one that stands the field?

Play PUBG today and join our community of Battle. You’ll get to learn more than just running and shooting around the field.
PUBG-PC team