Black Survival

Black Survival for Mobile – Discovery of Ocean Potion

Are you looking for Black Survival for Mobile and Black Survival for IOS? If yes, don’t miss the article “Black Survival”!

Black Survival
Black Survival

As a real fan of games, you might have heard about the Black Survival. But what is exactly it? Does it have any special features? Is it interesting? The answers are below.

Containing only 53 MB in size, and 120 MB when updated in-game, Black Survival is considered to be a very light game. Even though it is not an open world, you can still reach the dissimilar parts of the place. That is because of its real-time strategic role play and the map provided.

What is Black Survival?

As far as I experience, it is quite easy to understand the training and tutorial. Usually, it will take about 8-10 minutes to be assisted and get a game of the general gameplay. Some of you may suppose that such a period of time is pretty long. However, you will be able to experience and enjoy a Black Survival for Mobile or Black Survival for IOS with 20 players after that, and the game can last up to 20 minutes for each map.

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Like other games, you have to equip yourself to increase the opportunities for winning the duel. Usually, weapons, swords, and accessories are equipped the most.

you have to equip yourself to increase the opportunities for winning the duel
you have to equip yourself to increase the opportunities for winning the duel

Unlike the classic battle royale game, Black Survival has no Medkit. Therefore, to heal yourself, you need to follow your cooking skills in the game. Or if you are not interested in the cooking skills, you can also rely on the discovery of Ocean Potion which has a similar trick.

Real experience

Above are all typical features of Black Survival. Now I will share with you some of my feelings when trying this game. Of course, they will include both what I like and dislike about it. Honestly, I love the presence of vehicles in the game, as it helps me to move easily on the map.

Điểm neoBesides, the weapons are able to drop easily and very easy to find on your map. This is perfectly different from other games. However, there exists one thing I do not like which is the movement of shooting crosshair. Such a feature makes players feel quite inconvenient. Nevertheless, Black Survival is in development, so I think I should give them leeway.

To sum up

This is a worth trying game that you should not miss, even though it has a small disadvantage. You won’t lose anything if trying it, so why don’t you still hesitate?

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