Dude Theft Auto

Dude Theft Auto APK for Android is now available to install for the smartphones and tablets. We supply Dude Theft Auto APK file for Android devices. Dude Theft Auto is a free Adventure game.

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About Dude Theft Auto Game

What would happen if we created a crossover between Minecraft and GTA? Well, there’s no need to carry on wondering because the possibility is real. Dude Theft Auto: Open World Sandbox Simulator is a rather stingy yet entertaining action game full of huge pixels and violence. You’re a rather normal-looking guy that one day decides that his life could be much more fun if he were to become a vandal.

Unjustified destruction and violence

So, with this idea in mind, we’ll set out to spread violence around our neighborhood using our fists, a baseball bat, and also hand grenades. The usual stuff. In our spiral of destruction, hate, and death, we’ll come across other people that we can hit or rob. We’ll explore streets, parks, gardens, shops, private houses… with the only intention of unleashing our most violent concerns. And what can we do with the money we collect? Buy weapons, of course.

Start kicking some ass. Just because you can.

It’s a low-mode action game in which our main character won’t get too stressed out and neither will he be chased by the police or any rival gang as if we were playing GTA. Furthermore, just like in Mojang’s sandbox game, we can relax by exploring all the scenarios and even lazing around on our smartphone.

Main features

Its controls are very simple, allowing us to move around in any direction, jump, pick up objects, and hit anyone that we come across. Furthermore, you can also make the most of the following features:

  • Experience all the action in the first person like in an FPS.
  • Go to the weapons store and purchase different models: AK47, SMG, shotguns…
  • Drive all sorts of cars, skates, and even UFOs.
  • Beat the hell out of people and watch how they die with a ragdoll effect.
  • Use your smartphone with the dUber app to order a new car.
  • Discover secrets and easter eggs hidden around town.
  • Throw grenades at people and watch how they run.

If you’re looking for a relaxed violence game, don’t hesitate to download the APK of Dude Theft Auto.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
  • Instructions to install XAPKs on Android

How to download the Dude Theft Auto APK for your Android Smartphone or tablets

You could download Dude Theft Auto APK files from the browser on your Android devices.
Run the browser, search for Dude Theft Auto APK file, click it – then you must see the installing process on the top bar of your smartphone or tablets.
When this process is finished, run Downloads, click for the APK file and then click Yes
Those are all steps to install Dude Theft Auto for your Android devices.

Download Dude Theft Auto APK for Android devices right now enjoy this fantastic game. We all hope that you will be successful and enjoyable.


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