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Free Fire Mobile – Mobile shooter with the most downloads

Free Fire is among the games that marked the explosion of games in the shooting genre with survival elements. What’s new in Free Fire Mobile version?

Free Fire Mobile
Free Fire Mobile

Officially launched by Garena on December 4, 2017, the Free Fire mobile version marked a huge turning point for this “big boss” in changing its online game market share. According to statistics, not PUBG or Fornite but Free Fire is the mobile shooter with the most downloads and play in the world. So what made it possible?

The salient features of the game

Overall, Free Fire mobile inherits almost all the advantages that make the name of the PC version.

To reach the battlefield, you will be taken to an island and have 60 seconds to wait for other players as well as get familiar with the background of the game before boarding the plane to the main island – where the fight exists. takes place. From here the fight for life and death began, and there was only one rule: “hunting or becoming prey.” Players must quickly search for weapons and necessary items scattered all over the island to survive and defeat other players.

But unlike PUBG or Fornite where you will have to fight alone with 99 other players, which makes the game very long, Free Fire Mobile only takes up to 50 players in one jump. The tempo of the match will take place faster than putting both the player and the opponent in situations that require constant movement and fighting. The pressure from the battle along with the shrinking Safe Zones will be a difficult challenge to overcome.


survival shooting games
survival shooting games

Free Fire Mobile brings players a diverse arsenal of Rifles (M14, M4A1, AK, SCAR, GROZA …), Submachine guns (UMP, MP5, VSS), Sniper Rifles (AWM, SKS, VSS) to melee weapons (Knives, Pans) and Pistols. This helps players practice the ability to use and calculate when using weapons.

The diverse character system is also one of the extremely big plus points of the game. Instead of playing a character from start to finish with different skins, you can play as one of the game’s 15 characters, all of which come with their unique gameplay changing skills, for example, Preppy or Caroline moves faster when holding a shotgun, while Samurai, Hayato wear costumes that have higher armor penetration when HP is low… Each character can be unlocked with in-game money or real money.


And the last point that I want to introduce to you, is about the game mode of the game. In addition to experiencing different battles in the number of players such as 1 person (Solo), 2 people (Duo) or 4 people (Squad), the game also offers a super entertaining “Death Race” mode. Side by side with your teammates on any means to find weapons with massive damage – are you brave enough?

How to Download

Is all of this information enough to make you feel good? Currently, the game has been officially released on both platforms iOS and Android. With less than 2GB download and decompression capacity, a whole world of gaming has opened up before your eyes. And don’t forget: it’s all free!

Play equipment required

Experience the Garena Free Fire FPS game can be troublesome if your device does not meet the minimum specifications, so check that your phone meets the requirements. The following criteria are not okay.

Garena Free Fire for Android OS

  • Operating system 4.0.3 or higher
  • 2GB storage
  • 2GB RAM
  • CPU: Quad-core

Configure the player Garena Free Fire For iOS OS

  • iOS 8.0 or higher
  • 2GB storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • CPU: A6 duo core


Điểm neoAbove is all you need to know about one of the best survival shooting games in the world right now. Come to Free Fire for Mobile and do not forget the slogan “Live forever legendary”.

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