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It’s hard to deny the legions spirit that spreading through those 2 years with millions of dedicated fans throwing themselves in battles in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds.

PUBG has built its firm stand to be one of the most talked-about games online. Yet it provides a playground for gamers to come and perfect their skills.

But how about newcomers? No worries, we’ve got something called the PUBG Survivor’s Guide to brush up your foundations in the game and get you acquainted in no time.

Introducing the Survivor’s Guide

The guide will walk you through a series of introduction to the Gameplay, Control, Map, and Weapons. Each section provides a few episodes to guide in live motion.

Play section

You’ll get to know what is PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, its story, general rules, and an overall view around the landscape.

The Play has more to offer. You can choose up to 4 maps to thrive in. You can also decide to play solo, in duo, or squad team.

There are options that allow you to play from a third-person perspective or a first-person perspective.

The starting phase will take you to a parachute moment where you can decide where you can land on.

After that, you’ll use your time to open the map. If you play in a team, plan a landing strategy so that the members know where the others are.

Control section

PUBG lets players control their game from 3 different devices. You can fight on a PUBG PC, an Xbox One, or PS4 with a full guide to map out button here. Choose anything you have in hand and are familiar with.

Map section

Discover the 4 maps provided here. You will have a bird view over the whole area with lines of borders and names of locations.


The Erangel is an island with open grasslands and mountains blended with small towns.

Miramar mimics the desert theme with rough terrains that offer more difficulty for snipers to hide.

Sanhok brings in a green land of hills and water. It triggers a more hectic and fast-paced battle than any PUBG map.

Vikendi introduces the chill surrounded by frozen bodies of water and snow cover the land. Layers of snow will turn the whole battle into a hunt on footprints.

Weapon section

This is probably the most attractive part where you can explore a myriad of fire guns, their information giving the most realistic shooting matching experience.

Get yourself indulge in the game; there is a whole new world waiting with virtual wonders and of course, threats beyond the hills.

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