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PUBG consists of 4 major maps that let players discover freely from the edge to the center. Each map packs different territorial properties for different challenging levels.

So, what is more, to know about the PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Maps? Scroll on to find out.

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Maps – From worse to best

We’ve got a team that is in enough hours of playtime to decide on our perspective which maps are our favorite. We’ll use the scale of loot balance, map design, aesthetic, and anything that makes the maps great.

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There are reasons for Miramar to be this low.

When it comes aesthetic, Miramar has several ugly and dark spots that make it hard to fight.

How about the map design? This is where we take the biggest grievance. There is just a lot of wasted

space. If you look at the left side of the map, this place doesn’t really get any love whatsoever.

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Maps


A lot of players set up this map as their first experience. It is the smallest map in PUBG. But once everybody figured out how this map works, you drop one place to one place only. That’s boot camp for most of the part. If the boot camp is too crowded, you’ll go to paradise soon.

This end up meaning is that over half the lobby is going to die within the first one to two minutes. It is a shallow mid-game similar to Miramar, but it’s even amplified because you are squeezed in such a tight space.


So, the map breaking above Sanhok has to be Erangel. This is the map that makes PUBG famous.
Erangel has such a flawless design and personality to it that it’s so identifiable.

In the map design, there’s not really a lot of waste in space. You get to play in all the locations for the most part.

The map flow is great. There are plenty of ways to get around as there are bridges and vehicles scatter around the town.

Because this map was the original one, this is where we first fell in love with the game and everything inside it.


This newly released map has taken the first spot of Erangel if there ever exists a ranking list.
While this is still on the test server, this is believed to be the greatest map ever.

Why? Every single place that you’re dropping in battle, it’s so unique and different. They range everything from being a wooden cabin out in the woods, wilderness, to a dino park.

Not only that but the map also got innovated quite a bit. There is a new feature that you walk in the snow; your footsteps stay behind for approximately 15 minutes where they can be tracked by other players. Of course, there are new weapons and vehicles.

Now get your head in the Playerunknowns Battlegrounds Maps, pick out your most favorite map and let us know.

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