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Online gamers are no longer unfamiliar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and its incredible gameplay. Not only you can play the game on mobile phones, PC, PS4 but also the Xbox.

PUBG Season 4 is right at the corner for people to grab with a whole lot of updates in weapons, features, the controlling system, and more.

Read more to cover all the fantastic new-comings for a level-up gaming experience.

PUBG Xbox Update 8 Patch Note

Weapon progression

What really matters about this weapon progression is it’s independent of the survivor passes. That means you no longer have to buy the survivor pass to take advantage of the weapon mastery.

PUBG Xbox Update 8

Included in that is the system in which you can use weapon XP to increase levels of your gun. Each weapon comes with 100 levels for you to boost.

You will earn the XP by dealing damage, getting headshots, kills, and knocks. The more of those you do, the quicker you will level the guns up.

That’s not all.
With every 5 levels up, you get one of the charms that you can unlock and hang on your gun.

You’ll also achieve medals awarded for each game that you defeat two enemies or rapid succession.

The weapon mastery system also brings quite a nice summary screen at the end of each game that tells you how much progress you make with those guns you use.

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Controller type C

This is a new controller preset you can try out on the Xbox.

Where you can use all four fingers on the top

The main difference is that it moves the peaking controls onto the bumper buttons. So, it’s really for a claw grip style play where you can use all four fingers on the top.

Auto Equip Attachments

The settings get reset but configurable. You can change whether you automatically equip attachments to your gun straight away or it does with or without scopes.
There is also a setting in there that allows you to auto-replace attachments when you switch guns.


Featured maps

In the PUBG Xbox Update 8 Patch Note, the Erangel has now become the featured map on the PUBG console version.

You can choose to play just Erangel on its own, or the standard playlist which is now Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Besides, with the Quick Join button, you can enter any of those maps.

We also have Erangel go in its super loot rebalanced form. This is a massive increase in loot in which the overall rate of items has been boosted by 28%; AR by 64%; DMR by 114%; sniper and riffles by 177%; and more you can read on your own time here.

This does change the dynamic in Gameplay of Erangel. More than that, it opens up areas of the map to be a much more viable drop location. Generally, it allows you to get looted up to a reasonable state a lot more quickly.

Tactical map marker

The marker types of the system look more appealing. In other words, it allows you to add the tactical markers to your map for 6 different situations of which include Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup, and Vehicle.

You can see this tactical map on the world map, minimap, and compass.

Vikendi 2nd loot rebalance

It’s worth noting that this one of the biggest changes in the mega patch is nice to see.

The loot rebalancing adjusts the Blue Zone. Circles, where they spawn the initial safe zone, are now placed in more varied locations. The waiting time between certain blue phases reduced.

Driving on four-wheel vehicles also gets the spawn rate, and all that mentioned here. Particularly, sniper and riffle spawn by 7 times.

Team play

This nice little change adds health bar and shows how their boost meter is. You no longer have to subtly hint or ask your teammate if they need a boost.

Another appreciated change for squads and duo is minimap improvements. When your teammates are wandering off the marker system, they will show up on the side of the map.

What else on the patch?

There is a number of updates to improve PUBG gameplay on the Xbox like performance, sound, network latency HUD, weapon preview, bug fixes, and so on you can indeed find out during the game.

I hope you find the information useful to keep you up to date with the new changes on the PUBG Xbox Update 8 Patch note.

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