Rules of Survival In PUBG

Rules of Survival Mobile for android and IOS

If you are curious about the rules of survival for mobile, why don’t you read “Rules of Survival” now? Do not hesitate; otherwise, you will regret!

Have you ever heard about the best games similar to PUBG mobile for android and IOS? If not, this article is definitely for you. In this article, I will introduce an amazing game for you to try. It is Rules of Survival.

Rules of Survival In PUBG
Rules of Survival In PUBG

This game is the most popular one among the games like PUBG mobile genre. In case you use the old machines, do not worry as it also has the PC version which is quite common.

Rules of Survival in PUBG

Rules of Survival has many notable features. Users are able to customize their characters up to their interests before they gear up for the game. Sounds exciting, right?

Moreover, you can get the training regarding the game’s intricacies from a quick tutorial before you battle against many players, usually a maximum of 120 players. It takes about 10 minutes for the tutorial, but you can skip it whenever you want.

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Honestly, I do not suggest you skip this step as it is pretty funny and useful. It gives you the limitless possibilities you may face during playing the game on the terrain map.

Here, terrain map means a map in a very large size, which requires you to use different types of vehicles to reach different parts.

For example, you need to use motorcycles, cars, and trucks for onshore logistics, and motorboats for waters.

Rules of Survival is an interesting game worth trying
Rules of Survival is an interesting game worth trying

Below is something I liked and disliked about the Rules of Survival.

With the 8×8 KM map following by the presence of vehicles for transportation, this game has attracted me at first sight. Besides, you can use your weapons more easily as it provides you with the miracle boxes. Equipping the weapons by yourself efficiently will never be easy like that.

Nevertheless, there is one thing make me unsatisfied with the game which is being unable to select a religion of the server or map.

Wrapping up

Anyway, Rules of Survival is an interesting game worth trying. You will lose nothing, so why don’t you give it a try? I tried and I love it. How about you? What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate anymore. Let download and enjoy it. Trust me. You will love it!

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