Survival Royale

Survival Royale- The best battle game 2019

Survival Royale, one of the best game mobile you can give a try right off the bat. Just CLICK HERE to see how marvelous Survival Royale for mobile is!

Survival Royale
Survival Royale

There are various types of survival battle games for players picking up. If you are a big fan of survival games like PUBG Mobile, you will not be missed Survival Royale.

Up to 100 players spread over a large map. All are unarmed, forced to search for weapons that appear randomly in the area. The playing area will shrink, forcing survivors to fight to death within 20 minutes. So, do you want to be the last one landing in this battle, become the winner?

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Overview of Survival Royale for mobile

Besides the success of two title games, such as Rules of Survival and Knives Out, the big Chinese gaming company NetEase continues to release an amazing battle game called Survival Royale.

It was published on 31 August 2018. Its genre is action, adventure, and early access that is ideal for those who love battle game types. This game with the intuitive on-screen controls allows players to use it without much difficulty. When you jump into the action in-game, you will see a Safe circle. Your quest is to reach as the play area gradually becomes smaller with time.

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If you fail to come to the circle, you will suffer from certain damage, including reducing your health and ultimately lead to death. Alternatively, you can also play in additional modes like Firework Night. Here, you are equipped with firework weapons to defeat opponents.

Features of Survival Royale for mobile

only the best will survive till the end
Only the best will survive till the end
  • 100 guys fighting for ONE chance of survival: 100 players, a fair battlefield, only the best will survive till the end
  • HD map, a vast world to survive: larger maps, complex terrain, different buildings – a real battle!
  • Team up, warriors! Available both solo mode and coordinate 2 or 4 players
  • Real weapons and vehicles: lots of weapons, and vehicles to requisition

Điểm neoFinal thoughts

A terrific game like Survival Royale, why don’t you try playing it? We are sure that this survival title game will not make you disappointed. Survival Royale for mobile now can download on Android and iOS. So, don’t miss out on experiencing the brilliant game!

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