Knives Out

The Hidden Truth On Knives Out For Mobile Exposed

Welcome to the Knives Out For Android and iOS! Are you ready to play Knives Out For for Mobile? If you are a rookie, scan through our post.

Knives Out
Knives Out

The producer of Knives Out For for Mobile is Rules of Survival (RoS). Like other familiar games such as Fortnite and PUBG, Knives Out For is a battle royale game.

A report from analytics firm Sensor Tower showed that the revenue of the game on iOS and Android systems is higher than Epic Games’ and Tencent’s offerings. Knives Out For is super popular in Japan, China, and its majority earnings also come from these countries.

About Knives Out For for Mobile

The main mission is to fight and try to be the last survivor
The main mission is to fight and try to be the last survivor

There are no specific rules in the game. The main mission is to fight and try to be the last survivor! Launched in November 2017, Knives Out For has more than 200 million players – an impressive number in the game market. It lets players explore the open world and survival game, where you have to compete against 99 other warriors to become the winner.

Plus, Knives Out For for Mobile impresses players by its realistic 3D graphics. From design to character creation, landscapes, etc. Explosive effects and everything is reproduced faithfully on your mobile screen.

Highlight Features

A survival game with 100 warriors

In the game, 100 players will land on the battlefield. Both of them have to explore the map, collect weapons, and destroy each other. Just like other survival games, there is only one winner.

Open world game

What is the battlefield in Knives Out For for Mobile? It includes islands, snow-capped peaks, tunnel, and other unique locations. You explore and find items to fight.

Game modes

You can play with some exciting game modes in Knives Out, such as Duo Mode, Squad Mode, or Fireteam Mode. Play with your team to complete the mission. Plus, you can communicate with teammates via voice chat.

Điểm neoNo specific rules

The Knives Out For game possesses liberal and unlimited gameplay. It also offers a vast range of weapons, accessories, medicine, and military equipment for players to collect and use. Find weapons and supplies to destroy your opponents. Whatever the way of fighting, the main goal is to survive and win!

Are you ready to enter this battle game? Download and play Knives Out For for free, so don’t be afraid to try. If you want to know more about other survival games.

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