VAST SURVIVAL – New trend for the gaming industry

The development of phones with powerful configuration has opened a new trend for the gaming industry: mobile games. Vast Survival is a game born in that trend.


Vast Survival is one of the best survival games. It doesn’t carry the theme of fighting against zombie invading the world like Fortnite, Zombie Raid: Survival hay Buried Town 2… It is a survival game with nature. Like other survival games, players will begin with a bare-chested character (only one pair of short). Then, players have to find ways to make the necessary items by using natural materials.

Game graphics Vast Survival

The game owns 3D graphics with AAA quality new generation but it doesn’t seem to be as eye-catching as other survival games. Besides, Vast Survival still suffers from a number of errors and performance issues. Fortunately, it is possible to make it much lighter and faster by reducing the quality of graphic effects.

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The environment in Vast Survival brings slightly wild direction: a vast space with endless forests, rolling mountains … and of course, there will be houses or secret locations for players to change their perspective.

Some points to note during gameplay

players will collect crafting items, weapons and many others
players will collect crafting items, weapons, and many others

There are always four things that players must pay attention to their characters are blood, hunger, thirst, physical strength. They correspond to four bars that display green, orange, blue and red. When something is missing, the player must replenish immediately so that the character will not be exhausted.

With large and free space, your character can freely move as well as fight. He/she could be a lone fighter or join a group of people. Besides, the game has no specific or mandatory missions for your character.

In Vast Survival for mobile, players can attack anyone, and of course, they can also be attacked by anyone. Therefore, this is a real survival fight.

Destroy the dangers to protect yourself, players will collect crafting items, weapons and many others. Access your inventory and drag your favorites into the quick-use space located at the top of the screen. This will help you easily switch objects quickly without having to open the game menu.

Some outstanding features in the game

  • The key to adjusting the view of the first person and the third person in the left corner of the screen helps you to overview of the scene, prevent enemies.
  • Each room has a maximum of 26 players. This makes the fight more challenging and attractive.
  • Weapon system with new features updated weekly.
  • On the screen, there are fast item click boxes to support the player without interruption during combat.
  • Voice chat system in the right corner of the screen allows you to freely connect to other players.

Điểm neoTo play Vast Survival, you need a standard 2Gb ram phone. If the chip is not strong enough, you can reduce the configuration to the lowest level to make the game smoother.

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