What are brought in the PUBG PC Update 4.1 Patch Notes?

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It’s season 4 and its PUBG PC Update 4.1 Patch Notes has been released to the excitement of online gamers. There are tons of thematic updates with new content and gameplay feature.

In this patch notes, Erangel influences most of the changes heavily. It is said to bring players back to PUBG’s root with the Erangel Visual Update.

Furthermore, the updates feature new complexes, improved graphics, and surprises unveiled around the island.

Let’s dive into more details about this amazing patch.


PUBG PC Update 4.1 Patch Notes,

New Erangel

The first and foremost new PUBG is the fresher visual of Erangel. It seems hard for the novice to realize the changes in every detail. They have brought a better realistic view and vividness onto the map.

Note that a load of stunning graphics will eat up materials of your PC. You can solve lagging by setting at a low configuration. But you will lose the mean of updated visual you were waiting for.

Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH
This all-new mission system finally comes and reveals a vast number of items and weapons. Of course, more than 100 rewards are waiting for you to unlock and level up your pass.

Buff and Nerf everything

It may fool your knowledge about PUBG in this update ridiculously. In particular, there are lines of guns that got their firepower deducted.

In reverse, typical rarely-used weapons receive 2 more attack points such as F12K, S686, and F1897. All guns in the FMG line got buffed up to 5% damage. For crossbow, the damage point increases to 40% when hitting the body.

About vehicles, buggy, 2-wheel, and 3-wheel motorbikes are easier to control. Scooters can speed up to 105 km/h. UAZ and Tukshai got buffed in HP by 1200 and 1000.

New features

In this update, you can set the autopilot for vehicles, but there are changes on the control panel in the cars that can only be modified by the driver.

Another point is that you can walk and heal concurrently. There will be no need for manually using bandages several times.

Blue Zone waiting time

The Blue Zone will become a lot smaller compared to those of phase 1, 2, 3. These first squeezes of the Blue Zone will make players move faster in the mid and last phase, adding blood and thunder to every match.

The Blue Zone will become a lot smaller compared

Other updates of the 4.1 Patch Notes

It’s not hard to realize your character will look more lively with choices of appearance you can add.

Besides, there is a significant effort on soothing UI easing controlling experiences such as wheel size, responsiveness, element tabs, and bug fixes.

So, don’t wait any longer to enjoy this full-of-fun update. Keep yourself notified with our posts on the next release of PUBG patch notes.

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